02 settembre 2014

Short and merciless stories

“Taddei and Angelini's "Short And Merciless Stories" are a heady expressionist cocktail with a bare-bones artistic approach, mixed with tones of a Rod Serling on psychedelics channelling Sartre while relating these tales. Deceptively simple in appearance, these bizarre, yet simultaneously familiar-feeling stories, will stick with you: a creative ice pick driven deeply into the brain. Like a lascivious ghost from some hell haunting you: they just won't go away. Nor will you want them to.” - Gary Dumm, Artist, American Splendor

“These guys really know how to knock a reader off balance. There's a logic and morality to their stories that become more and more obtuse the harder you try to grasp them. There's no easy answers here, only strangely important questions.” - Jason Walz, Eisner nominated Creator, Homesick

“Short and Merciless Stories evokes a quieter and more thoughtful sense of doom. They are the best kind of creepy.” - Sam Spina, Xeric Award winning Creator, Fight

“Ha ha, awesome. It's kind of like early, Italian Dan Clowes with some nice morbid existential shit in there.” - Sophie Crumb, Author, Sophie Crumb: Evolution Of A Crazy Artist

The book you are holding is like an entire season of The Twilight Zone, or The Night Gallery. It's horrifying, disturbing, strange and pretty damn funny. Yes, everyone, what we have here is anthology of the macabre from the mind of Marco Taddei, drawn with perfection by Simone Angelini.
-Noah Van Sciver